About Me

I travel, I write…and when I’m not traveling I live in Portland, Oregon with a trio of very friendly cats. I write for a variety of outlets, both in print and online, including About.com, which is owned by The New York Times Company, where I produce a site on GLBT travel.

In case you’re curious, the banner photo that runs across the top of the page is of Alaska’s College Fjord (plus, on the right, the bridge of the Holland America MS Statendam).


11 Responses to About Me

  1. Brad Wirz says:

    Hey Andrew… I was talking with Tim Hand a while back and he gave me the cliffnotes version of your career. Very cool stuff. You’re living the dream! Let’s connect the next time you’re in the DC/MD area!


    • Hey Brad! Glad you found this…I’ve been needing some incentive to get back to blogging on here, as all the travels of the past few months gave me little time actually to chronicle what I’ve been doing. Soon I’ll be back with some new material. I had a great time visiting with Tim and Michelle, by the way, and I’ll definitely let you know when I’m next out your way!

  2. Richard Fenters says:

    Hello Andrew, In early August I will be leaving my 3 cats at home in the Orlando area for a repeat trip to Portland, Oregon. Read your recent article about it and would love to connect while there if possible. I arrive first, soon followed by my other half of 25 years. Will be staying at a friends condo in The Pearl. At 55, and after having visited all 50 states, I am always interested in seeing new places and meeting interesting people! Thanks.

  3. Richard Fenters says:

    Hi Andrew. Am leaving my 3 cats for a repeat visit to Portland in early August. My other half will join me there soon afterwards where we will stay at a friends condo in The Pearl. Thanks for the recent Portland review. It was great. Would like to connect with you while there if possible. We love to travel and have been in all 50 states. Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks for your kind note – I know how hard it is to leave 3 cats behind to go travel! I was traveling much of August and am on the road now, in fact. And, alas, I’m afraid I’m not as careful about checking this blog as I’d like to be, so my apologies for the late reply. I do hope you had a wonderful time in Portland – three’s so much to see and do in the Pearl.

      • Richard Fenters says:

        Sorry to miss you in Portland, but if in Orlando, bring the cats and say hi!!! Now back to the heat and humidity ! LOL

  4. Andrew,

    I absolutely love your writing and the places you’ve chronicled thus far. I came across your profile in Twitter and was intrigued by the gay-friendly recommendations. I am in charge of mining the populations of our current 6 cities (or folks that visit them often), looking for new, interesting members who might be interested in posting personal recommendations on our site. Surely you must know of a bazillions places in SF/Wine Country. I am not targeting you for any type of celebrity status reason (hope that doesn’t offend you). You just seem like a guy after our own heart.

    In any event, please check out the site if you get a minute. If you dig it and want to contribute, you just need to sign up, have at least one pic of each fave and away you go.


    – Barton (iLoveMyCity.net)

    • Hey Barton – thanks so much for the very kind note. I did just hop around your site for a bit – lots of great information! I’ll be completely honest: I struggle just to post here regularly, so I kinda doubt I’m going to find time to participate in any other sites. Usually when I find time away from writing for work, I get as far from a computer as possible 🙂 But if I’m able to contribute something down the road, I will definitely keep ILoveMyCity.net in mind.

      I do appreciate your having taken the time to write,


  5. Hi there Andrew.
    I know this may be a long shot, but I would be very interested in offering you a free spot on our upcoming GLBT river trip on the beautiful Middle Fork of the Salmon in central Idaho. It sounds like you have quite a busy schedule but, as Idaho’s first gay outfitter I would love to have you on board to help chronicle our journey. The Middle fork is an amazing river cutting through the largest roadless wilderness in the lower 48. Our trips are 6day/5 night adventures. Please let me know if this interests you. Our dates this year are August 14th-19th.
    Thanks and be well.

    • Hi Greg – sorry for the tardy response, and thank you so much for the kind offer. I was a bit swamped with work when you wrote, and had travels in Yellowstone from mid- to late August, so wouldn’t have been able to make that particular trip. It is great to hear about your company, and there might be some other opportunity for me to write about what you’re doing down the road. I’m often writing about GLBT travel opportunities around the Northwest.



  6. Karen Watson says:

    Hi Andrew – Great blog,
    I’m getting in touch as I work for a design agency called jkr and each year we produce a book to celebrate brands which use design to drive their business success and this year we’d like to showcase Harley Davidson. We’d really love to feature your shot of the Harley Davidson museum in this years book and would really appreciate it if you could get in touch on my contact email below
    Best regards

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